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2014-01-20 15:27:57 by MrFalcon

Hey guys, second news post here. I posted the backstory of The Angel in the Writing Forum under The Angel - Backstory. Go check that out. Currently waiting on the shows logo to get done. When that happens, I plan on starting a podcast or vlog or whatever it's called on YouTube. I will be talking about the show's history, updates, the people I'm working with, personal projects, other projects I support, etc. We still need at least 1 female actress cause the first ep has at least 2 female characters. I also plan on putting out as much content as possible. This will not always involve the show. The podcast will be done on a monthly bases. I plan on doing one of these news posts once a week. Also, I'll be uploading a cool or funny photo to my Twitter every week. That should be fun. With the logo, I will also start a Kickstarter & all that stuff. Hope this has been informative & intriguing. Feel free to leave a comment. Follow me on Twitter @csvaun24, YouTube at VexitalLirquit, & here on newgrounds. See ya next week.


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