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2014-02-11 22:01:49 by MrFalcon

Unfortunately, The Angel has been canceled. But, I refuse to be unproductive. I'm still doing a podcast. But, the topic will be about my various show ideas, wrestling, anime, my life, etc. I'm still doing the Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged. Still looking for help. I'm always looking for contacts. So, if u ever wanna talk about writing, anime, wrestling, movies, chat, etc, message me on here or Skype. Also, as I was designing one of The Angel's character's weapon, it turned out like a tie fighter from Star Wars. I found it hilarious. If I can't post it as my art, it's up on my twitter @csvaun24.


2014-01-20 15:27:57 by MrFalcon

Hey guys, second news post here. I posted the backstory of The Angel in the Writing Forum under The Angel - Backstory. Go check that out. Currently waiting on the shows logo to get done. When that happens, I plan on starting a podcast or vlog or whatever it's called on YouTube. I will be talking about the show's history, updates, the people I'm working with, personal projects, other projects I support, etc. We still need at least 1 female actress cause the first ep has at least 2 female characters. I also plan on putting out as much content as possible. This will not always involve the show. The podcast will be done on a monthly bases. I plan on doing one of these news posts once a week. Also, I'll be uploading a cool or funny photo to my Twitter every week. That should be fun. With the logo, I will also start a Kickstarter & all that stuff. Hope this has been informative & intriguing. Feel free to leave a comment. Follow me on Twitter @csvaun24, YouTube at VexitalLirquit, & here on newgrounds. See ya next week.

Well, here it is, my first news post. I guess I'll start with project news. I'm currently producing an anime series called The Angel. You might have read about it on the collaboration forums. If you haven't, go check it out.I'm available to write for other projects as well. I'm currently going to collage to be a video editor. But, I need a much better computer before I could take a job for that. I'm also dipping my hand at sound design. I feel comfortable doing that righ now. To be clear, I do sound desgin, not music design. Well, I guess that's it. Oh, before I forget, like every other content creator, I need to advertise. So, follow me on Twitter @csvaun24, youtube at VexitalLirquit, & here on newgrounds.